Ha Giang – The majestic land

For me, Ha Giang has always been a beautiful dream, a remote place that I always wish to once set foot in, see and feel the full flavor of the mountains and forests here – a majestic land of Vietnam. The country that I have only heard of through lectures and pictures.

When I was a child, a student sitting in school at the age of 15, 16, my Geography and Literature teacher “sow” countless desires to go to distant places on earth. own country. And then my younger days really came, I graduated from high school and went to university. I started working part-time so I could pay for my trips…
“Of course it’s Ha Giang! Must go to Ha Giang…” Those are the sounds that always urge in my head in the last days of April, when the whole country eagerly welcomes the 4-day long holiday. So that’s how my journey began…


From Hanoi, we took a bus to go directly to Ho Chi Minh City. Ha Giang at night. The feeling of excitement and anticipation is really indescribable in me and my friends. After a long journey and motion sickness, the garage finally “dropped” the passengers because they had arrived at the station. Because it is a holiday, it is quite crowded here, but fortunately we have booked motorbikes many days in advance to avoid the situation when we do not have a car to rent.
The very kind hostess gave us a free stay that night so we could leave tomorrow morning to be healthy. It was our first time coming here, so we were quite surprised. However, the couple who rented the car sat down and advised us on the route to go. Listening to her talk about Ha Giang in the past, we all realized why she decided to stick with this land for a long time. There is something like a couple’s love, longing, passion, there is something sacred like a mother’s love, the deep gratitude I felt when I heard stories about Ha Giang at that time. …
We took the car out, tied our backpacks well, put on helmets, protective armor, refueled and set off on a foggy, chilly morning. This place is different from the stuffy and smoky atmosphere of Hanoi. The sound of the car’s engine exploded, we kept going, going and starting to see mountains and passes appearing before our eyes.
The scenery on both sides of the road is extremely majestic. I want to take many, many pictures to tell my mother when I return, but I want to see and feel everything completely. We kept going for a while and said “Wow so beautiful”, “Oh look”, “Oh beautiful”, how many words to describe beauty were pulled out on the way. After passing through Quan Ba, we stayed at Yen Minh. I was really surprised because the pine trees stretched across a mountainous area, the trees grew tall and the trunks were extremely large. I have never seen pine trees so big and strong.

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